Review Policy

Hello everyone!

Review request are now open. I am still behind and will be publishing reviews from new requests in late September/early October. I will be giving priority to books in these genres: contemporary, science fiction/fantasy, historical fiction, and mystery. In addition, I am currently giving priority to Middle Grade and Adult titles. I will be working on YA/New Adult requests after these.

This blog does include reviews of advance reader copies and books from my own collection.  I have read hundreds of books, but I have not reviewed all of them.  This blog is a hobby, something I love to do in my spare time.  I reserve the right to decline a review request if it does not fit the theme or standards of my blog and online presence. In some cases, I may not send a declination email due to the high volume of requests.

I am accepting advance reader copies of genres including historical fiction, young adult, science fiction, and fantasy.  If you are an author or publisher, use the form below to submit a basic review request.  I do accept unsolicited review requests. 

I do accept Kindle copies, but I would much rather have a physical copy of a book. All ARC reviews do include a disclaimer about the fact that I received the book for free and the review is giving of my own volition. I do offer reviews at no charge for authors/publishers that want a basic review and 1 social media post.

If you are a fellow blogger or author who is interested in a collaboration such as an author interview, special promotion, group read, or other collab, please send an email to

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