The Sunday Post #3 – June 7th

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Sunday: Blog Tour w/Love Books Tours: Don’t Blink by Vanessa Robertson and The Sunday Post

Monday: Blog Tour w/Love Books Tours: Festival Fireworks by Ann Burnett

Tuesday: New Review: The Shadow Wand by Laurie Forest and Another Top 10 Tuesday!

Wednesday: Blog Tour w/Storyteller’s On Tour: A King’s Bargain by J. D. L. Rosell and Can’t Wait Wednesday!

Thursday: New Review: The Winged Lion by Patrick D. Carlson

Friday: New Review: The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea by Maggie Tokuda-Hall and F is For Friday!

Saturday: New Review: Sisters of Sword and Song by Rebecca Ross and Stacking the Shelves!

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Mini Review:  Don't Blink by @ness_robertson Final stop on the @lovebookstours Blog Tour! . . Blub:  A stolen painting. A gangster intent on revenge. And nothing is what it seems. Art consultant Kate Carpenter has an off-the-books sideline in art recovery, dealing with thieves, gangsters and the occasional war criminal to reunite priceless artworks with their owners. But when she refuses a request from the owner of one missing painting, Yuri Sokolov isn’t prepared to take no for an answer. Her knowledge has cost him millions, he wants revenge, and he isn’t planning to show any mercy. The only way that Kate can get Yuri Sokolov to keep his distance is to find out exactly what happened to his painting, but when she starts scraping away at the surface, she finds that nothing is exactly as it appears. Don’t Blink is the first book in the Kate Carpenter series. . . My Review: I love this concept of a high stakes art consultant, involved with insurance dealings, paying ransoms for stolen art, and recovering paintings, as well as advising clients on pieces to purchase. Vanessa Robertson is an incredibly skilled writer, bringing to life fun characters, following a believable premise, and giving the reader just enough romance to really tie the entire story together. Overall, I enjoyed this novel and can't wait to read more Kate Carpenter novels! This reminded me of the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich, which is a genre I've highly enjoyed through the years. This is a great novel for readers who enjoy clean thrillers with strong female protagonists and a splash of romance! . . #newrelease #booktour #lovebookstours #bookstagram #booklover #bookblog #bookblogger #bookreview #bookrecommendation #bookaddict #booksofig #thriller #katecarpenter #bookish #bookbustle

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