Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Reasons Why I Love #Vicious and #Vengeful by V. E. Schwab

Vicious ends with Serena dead, Eli in jail (having been finally found to be a weird mastermind who still thinks he’s uncovered EOs, though they probably existed under the government’s watch for a while), Victor dead in a grave, and Sydney, Mitch & Dol digging up Victor’s coffin to revive him. This is where we end and my goodness what an end to such an action packed final scene!

Vengeful brings the reader a new enemy, EON, and another ‘villain’ Marcella with new characters along the way. EO’s exist, they are out there, and they may need to organize, a la X-Men. I quickly began to enjoy June, she seems like a great character with her Mystique-like powers. A shapeshifting badass? Sign me up! This is where Vengeful ends: June erases herself from the EON files, Victor is on the run, and Mitch, Sydney, & Dol begin a life without Victor, we presume. This sets up another book (cross your fingers, toes, and send up a prayer), we hope!


Another Book?

Here’s the thing: There is a third installment in this ‘world’ listed on goodreads, but no one is really sure when or if it will publish. I’ve seen on social media that V. E. Schwab is working on lots of different projects (which is great, I’m glad she’s got lots of stuff going), and I bet one of those projects is the next book. We, as book lovers, must exercise patience (I know it’s so hard. I’m distracting myself from other new releases and squeals that have been postponed with so many other books right now). You know that, you wouldn’t have visited this post if you did not understand that.

There is a novella, called Warm Up, available at and listed on goodreads. I may read it to hold me over, but I’m sure I’ll end up re-reading both Vicious and Vengeful.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Top 10 reasons I love Vicious and Vengeful! Check out next week’s Top 10 Tuesday here on Book Bustle!

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